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Obuchi Fund Officers Visited the Changping Project Site

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Beijing-Oct 19th, 2007- the undersecretary of the Sino-Japan Greening Communication Fund (Obuchi Fund) Office and the business division chief field check the progress of the Obuchi Fund project the Sino-Japan Greening Cooperation Memorial Forest located in the CHangping District at October 18th, 2007.

After friendly talks in 1998 the president of PR China Mr. Jiang Zemin visited Japan and the premier of Japan Mr. Keizo Obuchi visited China in 1999, leaders of Japan and China reached consensus to strengthen the cooperation in the fields of afforestation and forest protection. In November 1999, China and Japan governments exchanged letters to establish the Sino-Japan Nongovernmental Greening Cooperation Committee. The committee, financed by the Obuchi Fund set by Japan government with a total amount of 10 billion yen, is striving to improve understanding and exchange between China and Japan so as to strengthen friendship through joint planting and improving environment in China.

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