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The JICA Project Experiences Sharing Conference in Taiyuan

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Beijing-Sep 30th, 2007- 3 BFPIC staffs flied to Taiyuan to join the Sino-Japan Forestry JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Project Experiences Sharing Conference held by the International Cooperation Project Center SFA from 18th to 21st of the month. Dr. Qin Yongsheng, on behalf of BFPIC, delivered a report of the progress of the JICA –BFPIC cooperation project Planning and Piloting of Vegetation Rehabilitation in Sandstorm Jeopardized Area around Beijing, detailed introduced the project preliminary outputs of participatory forestry investigation, technical training and demonstration forest establishment since the project kick-off, and presented BFPIC’s ideas in some areas.
The Sino-Japan Forestry JICA Cooperation Projgramme has its root from the project Research on Timber Multi-Use in Heilongjiang Province in 1984. For years China and Japan have been fully cooperating in JICA forestry projects through multi types such as technical cooperation, fund aid, investigation & research, technical training and more with its aims at watershed treatment, vegetation restoration and afforestation in fragile area and technology development. The number of the ongoing JICA projects is 22 with a total aid of 12.1 billion yen from Japan. Undoubtedly JICA has made great contribution to China in the fields of forestry technology innovation and environmental improvement especially in the areas of afforestation, desertification combating, seedling, disease and insect control and others.
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